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Why choose Engineered Timber?

Some things never go out of fashion, timber flooring being one of those. With its rich knots and textures, nothing beats the look and feel of real timber floors.

Timber has long been the flooring choice for architects, builders and interior designers due to its durability, timeless aesthetic, and prestigious finish. Timber floors have also been developed to become easier to maintain and with a variety of different stylistic options available, timber flooring could be perfect for your project.

Sustainably Sourced

Nowadays, builders, architects and interior designers are using more natural materials in their projects than ever before. The increased use of organic materials in furniture, cabinetry finishes, and flooring is not only based on the unique features of these products but also the environmentally friendly factors that natural materials contain. 

Timber flooring also is one of the most eco-friendly flooring solutions you can choose for your project. Sustainably sourced timber ensures that billions of new trees are planted every year and that the carbon within the wood is stored safely for life.

What are the benefits of timber floors?

Timber floors are a long-term investment, easy to clean and maintain, not to mention they often gain character as they age. In addition to adding great value to your property, residents and guests alike will undoubtably be impressed by the superior acoustic and aesthetic qualities of timber floors. Timber flooring can also be refinished, re-sanded and repurposed throughout its lifetime.

Timber flooring comes in a variety of different species and board specifications. Australian timber features the bold distinctive knots and grain variations found in native Australian forests, whilst European Oak is stained and smoked to create a huge variety of contemporary colours available in array of designer specifications. From traditionally rustic to contemporary, there are design options available for any interior vision.

Why choose Engineered Timber?

With such a wide variety of board specifications and finishes available, it is now even easier to install and maintain timber flooring. With no sanding or polishing required, floorboards can be installed and walked on the same day. This differs from solid timber flooring which often needs to acclimatise in the area it will be laid for up to 6 weeks. Engineered timber floorboards however still possess all the authentic textures and grains of solid timber flooring, offering unmatched charm to compliment any environment.

Embelton Engineered Timber Herringbone Flooring

As timber floors also come in variety of different board types and patterns, a multitude of design aesthetics can be achieved. For a classic aesthetic which adds depth to any space, Herringbone timber flooring is the perfect complement to a bespoke interior vision.

In short there are plenty of reasons to consider timber flooring for your project. Timber floors are beautiful, durable and can last you a lifetime. Get in touch with our experienced team today to discuss a timber flooring solution for your project.