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What is Hybrid Flooring?

What is Hybrid Flooring?

Hybrid Flooring is the culmination of beauty and performance in flooring, combining the authentic appearance of European Oak and Australian hardwood with the technical qualities of Vinyl and Laminate, to create an affordable timber look board that’s amazingly durable, waterproof and highly scratch resistant.

In good news for the environment, left over scraps of material from hybrid boards are recycled for use in future batches, ensuring zero wastage and reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the process. 

What are the benefits?

Hybrid flooring’s multi-layered composition results in a durable, highly scratch resistant and waterproof flooring option.

These floorboards have the look and feel of real timber without the price tag. To achieve this look, photos are taken of real timber and digitally manipulated to create each individual hybrid board.

Some key benefits of hybrid floors are:

Moisture Resistant - Hybrid flooring is not affected by moisture, which means it is ideal for areas such as kitchens, laundries and entries. 

Easy Installation - Our Hybrids are installed using the floating method with a pre-attached rubber underlay meaning it can be installed directly over a level subfloor.

Hard Wearing – Both Hybrid ranges are extremely scratch resistant, and because they are much harder than traditional LVT or Wood based products they are more resistant to indentation, for example from furniture. 

What makes up a hybrid floorboard?

The layers of Hybrid include a tough protective surface coating, wood-look décor, commercially rated wear layer, rigid or semi-rigid composite substrate and a pre-attached underlay, specifically designed for floating installation.

Aqua-Tuf Board Construction 

Atlantis Board Construction

Protective coating

The surfaces of our hybrid floorboards are covered by a protective layer that has been cured with ultraviolet radiation. This is the coating that helps keep our flooring waterproof and scratch resistant. It’s part of the reason hybrid floors are so immune to unsightly scuffs and marks.

Wear-resistant layer

Our hybrid floorboards also come with a textured, wear-resistant top layer. This layer resists water, improves stability and helps prevent scratches.

Beautiful prints

A decorative film gives our hybrid floorings its natural appearance. This mimics the look of real timber at a fraction of the cost and a stylish, matte finish brings the whole look home, meaning you don’t have to compromise on design!

The Core

Atlantis SPC combines limestone, PVC and stabilisers to create a high density rigid core that’s extremely dimensionally stable, resisting indentation and marks, while Aqua-Tuf WPC, is a blend of limestone and PVC wood dust, forming a semi-rigid aerated core, resulting in a lighter product with softer under-foot feel and superior acoustics.

Comfortable underlay

A pre-attached rubber underlay separates the bottom of our hybrid planks from the subfloors – no extra underlayment necessary! This also ensures that walking on the floorboards is comfortable and makes for easy, mess-free work when installing the floors.

Putting it all together

All these different layers and materials come together to make a flooring that combines the comfort of vinyl and the durability of laminate. Stunning in appearance and flawless in design, hybrid flooring might just be the perfect fit for your project. 

For more information on our hybrid ranges, head to our website or get in contact with our team.