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CPD Lunch & Learn Presentations by Embelton

The purpose of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) presentations is to keep professionals within the industry abreast of the latest advancements in their respective fields. Our focus is on upholding the highest standards of safety, technology, and practical knowledge within the construction industry, in the context of floor coverings in the built environment.

Our current CPD presentation explores all aspects of Timber Flooring in multi-storey residential environments, from design to installation. The learning outcomes covered by our CPD are: 

  1. Learn how to identify and specify timber grading
  2. Understand the performance, aesthetic and acoustic differences between a floating and glued installation
  3. Detailing a specification to ensure that the design intent is carried through to the final installation
  4. Learn how to ensure a green star specification is achieved in the project

Our qualified, accredited, and experienced team members have the latest knowledge on flooring regulations, product developments and industry standards. Each 60-minute lunch and learn presentation counts as one formal CPD point towards the annual 10 formal points required. Upon completion of the CPD presentation you will be provided with a certificate of attendance. Additionally, individuals are required to accrue another 10 informal points annually through personal initiatives in professional development.

Given the dynamic nature of the commercial construction industry, with frequent introductions of new techniques, materials, and regulations, attending CPD presentations is instrumental in helping professionals stay informed and adapt their skills accordingly. These presentations serve as a valuable platform for enhancing expertise in specific areas, ultimately enabling professionals to perform more effectively in their roles and achieve superior outcomes.

To book a CPD lunch and learn presentation follow the link below.

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