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Is Timber Hybrid flooring right for your project?

Timber Hybrid is the culmination of durability and the timeless beauty of timber. For those seeking the unmistakable aesthetic of real timber while maintaining a hardwearing flooring option, timber hybrid is the perfect choice. Timber Hybrid flooring features a thin veneer of sustainably sourced Australian or European Oak timber while upholding the strength and stability of a hybrid core. Finished with a water-resistant sealant and treated with scuff-resistant technology, Timber Hybrid is perfect for build to rent projects, maintaining its style and finish for years to come. The pre-attached underlay adds to the ease of maintenance as damaged boards can be pulled up and replaced without affecting or needing new underlay to be installed.

Timber Hybrid vs Timber & Hybrid Flooring

To understand if Timber Hybrid is the right choice for your project, it is important to understand the costs, benefits and risks involved with all flooring options available.

Timber Flooring

Engineered timber provides unmatched beauty and prestige as a flooring option. Featuring the distinctive knots and textures of Australian timber or the contemporary colours and finishes of European Oak, timber flooring is sure to compliment any interior vision.

Engineered timber flooring however is not the most cost-effective flooring option and despite engineered timber being more stable than solid timber, there is always the risk of damage over time with timber products. Timber Hybrid however, features a hybrid core in conjunction with a real timber veneer, making the board less susceptible to water damage and warping. The lower density core also makes the boards quieter underfoot, making them perfect for high end multi residential developments.

Hybrid Flooring

Embelton offers hybrid flooring options in two ranges, Aqua-Tuf and Atlantis. Aqua-Tuf is the jewel in the Embelton Hybrid crown. With its aerated core and vinyl top layer, the 8mm boards are easy to lay and can be installed over almost any existing subfloor. Truly built for comfort, the lower density core and vinyl top layer are softer and quieter underfoot, making Aqua-Tuf the perfect floor for multi-residential applications, including build to rent and aged care projects. Whilst Atlantis offers a stable and reliable flooring option to suit any budget. Being 100% waterproof, it is a great alternative to laminate and vinyl planks.

While being incredibly durable, cost effective and featuring beautiful timber prints, for some clients the absence of real timber in hybrid flooring will become a sore point. Timber Hybrid however, combines the best of both timber and hybrid flooring. Despite being slightly more expensive than the hybrid range, Timber Hybrid allows developers to give their clients and tenants real timber while maintaining a versatile and resilient floor that will last the test of time.

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