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The Perfect Floors for Build to Rent

Build to Rent, also known as multi-family housing, is a model of housing development which is new to the Australian market.

What is Build to Rent?

Build to rent (BTR) is when a developer retains ownership of the apartment building they have constructed after completion. Tenants lease the apartments over mid to long-term periods directly from the developer.

Though this sector may currently be small in Australia compared to the US and UK, it’s rapidly growing after the pandemic, gaining recognition as a viable investment and rental option, predominately in Melbourne and Sydney, where there’s now several completed projects and more in the pipeline.

How does Build to Rent work?

BTR has the aim of leasing out to long term renters rather than the typical aim of selling to buyers. This means the emphasis is on making the homes desirable for the renter demographic.

As the renters are mid to long term it is of vital importance that residents can customise, paint, fix items to the walls and personalize the space. The more they can make it feel like their home the longer they are likely to stay. Annual rent increases can often be locked in when signing.

What flooring products are suitable for Build to Rent?

With any rental project, low-maintenance and hard-wearing options are key for the longevity of the apartment. The below flooring types are all easy to maintain and durable flooring options, making them ideal for BTR projects.

Vinyl flooring features a highly protective wear layer above a high-resolution timber decor, finished with a UV acrylic coating to protect the floor from sun damage. Vinyl is also completely waterproof, making it ideal for installation in bathrooms, laundries and kitchens. 

Laminate flooring is an increasingly popular choice for those who want the warmth and feel of timber flooring without the price tag. Combining a wear-resistant layer, a decorative surface layer and a High Density Fibre (HDF) core. Laminate is highly scratch resistant, meaning tenants with four-legged friends can be welcomed with open arms.

Hybrid Flooring is a smart choice of BTR developments, consisting of a wear-resistant textured top layer, a decorative surface layer, and a rigid or semi-rigid composite substrate, these waterproof, highly scratch resistant boards are ideal for even the messiest tenants. Designed for floating installation, hybrid floors are exceedingly easy to maintain, and can be wet mopped, unlike laminate or timber floors.

Vinyl planks, laminates and hybrids are all great options for BTR projects, but the decision of stylish vs low maintenance floors comes into place. Even though ‘timber look’ products have become more realistic over time, the warmth and look of real timber is still highly desired.

Timber Hybrid is the solution to achieve both. A revolutionary range of flooring that is affordable while giving the luxurious look and feel of timber. Compared to other hybrid choices, our Timber Hybrid flooring features the unique character of genuine Australian Timber and European Oak while maintaining its strength and durability.

Finished with a water-resistant sealant and treated with scuff-resistant technology, Timber Hybrid will maintain its style and finish for years to come. The pre-attached underlay adds to the ease of maintenance as damaged boards can be pulled up and replaced without affecting or needing new underlay to be installed. In short, timber hybrid will provide a look and feel tenants will love, while maintaining all the benefits of hybrid floors.

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