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Understanding Colour Variation in European Oak Flooring

Timber flooring remains the top choice for flooring due to the undeniable charm of incorporating a natural product into your space. Each timber board showcases unique tones and patterns, embracing the inherent beauty of variation. This diversity adds character and highlights the authenticity of an organic product.

When choosing timber flooring for your project, it's important to recognise and appreciate the potential for colour differences across the boards. We recommend examining a variety of samples to fully understand the range of possible variations within your chosen colour.

Each tree has its life story written in the rings and patterns of its wood, influenced by factors like growth conditions, age, and the species itself. These characteristics translate into the diverse colours found in timber flooring. As such every batch of timber flooring will be different from the last.

Older trees often display deeper and richer colour due to the increased concentration of heartwood (the inner, darker part of the tree). Trees with tight growth rings tend to have a more uniform appearance, while those with wider rings may show greater colour variation.

European Oak timber floors proudly showcase the mesmerizing array of hues inherent in real wood. While certain boards may exhibit more pronounced variations, others offer a more consistent tonal balance across panels. These variations, rooted in the natural essence of the material, enrich the ambiance of any space.

Smoked European Oak colours will possess more intense colour variation, as the smoking process heightens the natural variance more than a non-smoked colour. Additionally, typically the lighter the stain the more natural colour variation you will be able to see.

Portofino Timber Flooring (Smoked)

Notably, the presence of sapwood within the timber can intensify colour disparities. Sapwood, being the younger outer layer of the tree, contrasts with the deeper tones of the inner wood, thus contributing to a dynamic visual tapestry. The grading of the flooring hinges upon the extent of sapwood inclusion.


Natural Oak Timber Flooring (Unsmoked)

Embelton’s standard European Oak ranges feature ABCD grade boards, meaning the boards present will range from clean to feature heavy in terms of the aesthetic. This allows for a diverse and unique timber look throughout.

Embelton also offer custom flooring solutions, with all types of timber gradings available for a bespoke flooring finish. To read more about timber grading click here.

Venetian Grey Timber Flooring (Smoked)

Once timber is installed and exposed to oxygen it will begin the oxidisation process. As Timber oxidises, it typically becomes richer in colour and more vibrant. Remember with natural timber; you are buying a species and not a colour.

When it comes to installation, it’s important to install from at least three packs at a time to effectively distribute the present colour variations for an ideal aesthetic. We recommend sorting the boards in piles of light, mid and dark to get a good mix on the floor.

Get in touch with the Embelton team today to discuss a bespoke flooring solution for your project.